Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I am fifty-five and a half, 55.5 years old. Me. Wow. Half my life is over. Unless, y 'know, perhaps, half my life was over on April 24, 1980 or so, in which case I should wear clean underwear today for sure!!

Here I was just a minute ago in my *new* bifocals! It's a sign of age and infirmity wisdom. Cool!

Six more months until Learn Nothing Day!

Holly came to see how I took that photo. It was "Photobooth" on my new MacBook (Keith is so nice to me). So she asked if I could get the reflection of the monitor in my glasses—it would be like an endless mirror. Yeah. It didn't work.

And speaking of Holly, when she was helping me figure out half my life and telling me not to blog about death and we came up with 1980, she said "God, you're young, huh? I thought you were mad old in the 1980's. Well that was just the beginning of the 80's. I guess you were mad old when Marty was born." (Yeah. That was early in 1989. So in 2027, Holly is scheduled to be "mad old.")

The lyrics game word is snow, there's a new sound file of a talk I gave twelve years ago here and yesterday I discovered my new favorite drug which I might never need to use again but I would not mind: triazelam. It would've been NO GOOD for a mom of small children. Impossible. But with the youngest 17? La-la-land for me. Dentistry I don't even remember. I hear Keith had to dress me and walk me out to the car and all (I hardly remember a thing), and then Holly and Brett sat with me for hours, kept a fire lit, brought me water and yogurt, and when the novacaine wore off Brett went to Blake's and got me a milk shake and a barbecue sandwich. It was the coolest thing. I even watched a zombie movie happily, and I don't like zombie movies, but y'know what? Yesterday I liked EVERYthing. I was one with the zombies. I sat on that couch for ten hours straight and I was never restless or bored.

55.5. I'll write again when I'm 66.6, maybe, and probably sooner too.


hahamommy said...

you make me laugh!! Thanks for the peek into your brain for a moment... Marty just became double Hayden's life and half mine. On Feb. 21 we're celebrating H's 10.5 status and I'm making a cake that'll look like half-a cake! Today, "Hap Bir Da" to you :)

Steve Muhlberger said...

I got a good laugh from this. I you sure you aren't still feeling the effects? "One with the zombies..."

Sandra Dodd said...

Holly has reminded me that they also brought me a turkey sandwich from Subway, several hours before the Blake's BBQ I remembered. I vaguely remember. I remember one bite was mushy with tomato juice, and good. And I remember asking her whether I had eaten half of hers or whether they really got me my own. By "remembered" I mean when we talked about it two flashes of imagery came.

Sissie said...

These posts are infused with joy---love it. Thanks.
And I too choose to be blissfully unawares during dental work!
(so thanks for the tip on a drug that works:)

Stephanie said...

Happy 1/2 birthday.

My mom is 55 also, she was a teen when I was born.