Monday, January 05, 2009

Watching Ice Melt

Today we get many guests. Kirby is flying in at 5:00. Pam Sorooshian and her two younger daughters, Roxana and Rosie, are on their way here via I-40, so think lovely thoughts for them. There's snow in Flagstaff.

This week will be so busy I might not be back in here, so I wanted to leave some teeny videos I made yesterday. We have white plastic buckets (construction stuff) we use to collect rainwater. When the snow melted off the roof the other day, we collected it and it froze. Keith always enjoys turning these frozen blocks of ice out. They're hollow on one end, usually, and we've put those little battery-operated tealights in them sometimes to light the path if we're having a party.

Anyway, this time they were melting unusually and I wanted you to see. That solid looking end IS solid and heavy. So that very thin ice was holding up a LOT of weight.

The plans for this week are simple. We're going to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (recently renamed, I guess) to see the display on computers. I wrote a bit about that in September here. We're going to eat at Pars Restaurant, where Marty works. We'll go when Marty's not working, so he can eat too! The last name of the owners is Tafti, which means they're from the same area in Iran where Cyrus Sorooshian grew up. I don't think they're Bahá'í, though.

Otherwise, except for possible visits to Dion's and Blake's (local eateries), I don't think we have obligations, and that's cool too!


Lisa said...

Oh you're making me hungry. Miss Blake's so much living up here in Oregon!

Steve Muhlberger said...

That male voice on the video sounded like mine does on recordings.

Sandra Dodd said...

The voice are mine and Keith's. Muttering, as old married couples do. :-)