Monday, February 02, 2009


Poor little guys. People should leave them alone. It's not like the good old days of free-range groundhog possibly doing local weather charms if they felt like it, no... they have some state-enslaved groundhog and they bid him arise on national TV. Free the groundhogs!

Cold, in my office this morning, and warm in the glow of Holly's fiber optics lamp the other day.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hi Sandra! I was Pokemom72 today. Thanks for the chat about music! It was fun. I rented a music movie today called The Rocker! Should be fun. Enjoy your night!

Alex Polikowsky said...

I really liked your pictures.
YOu look so sweet, welcoming and young.
I wish people could have this picture in their minds when they read your posts. It would be hard to call you not nice ....

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm "not nice" because I don't make coo-coo soothing comfort noise. But I collect coo-coo-soothing comfort noise, so if any of you find any, I'll add it here:

(Thanks for the comments!)