Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unschooling Needs...

Sometimes things come back around. Years back there was a spate of "in my pants" being added to movie titles (or song titles, or anything). Then we did a "Poop" movies phase (replace one word in any movie title with "Poop" like... "Star Poop" or "Poop Wars"; "Night of the Living Poop" or "Poop of the Living Dead."

But that's not what I've come here to report. On Facebook a google game is back around. The play this time is to put your name and "needs" in quotation marks like "Sandra needs" and then list the first ten your favorite search engine comes up with. That was fun, but I thought... I should do one for Unschooling and see what Unschooling needs!

There is the phrase "unschooling needs" in which "needs" is the noun and unschooling is the adjective. I'm skipping those and going for Unschooling-the-thing needs (the verb) something-the-object. Good. Here goes what I found. The first ten decent usable samples, and a star means it's on my site!

1) Unschooling needs to be challenged, tested and applied for its fresh unique approach and for its unritual, unpublic, attitude and contention...
(I'm going to go back and read that one when I'm done here.)

2) unschooling needs no formulated curricula or ridgid schedules.

3) Unschooling needs activity and motion!

4) unschooling needs to include the *whole life*, not just academics.

5) unschooling needs teachers too! ...

6) Unschooling needs to become the standard.

7) (and yes even unschooling needs to be done diligently). ...

8) unschooling needs no requirements and no testing state or federal does it?

9) Unschooling needs to be 24/7 or it's not really unschooling so I don't really get your reservation about it not being a good thing. ...

10) Unschooling needs more support than they have right now

What what what!? Only ONE in the first two pages was on my site!? One was about strewing, but not on my site. Perhaps I don't consider unschooling to be needy. None of the samples I found said "Unschooling needs to stop" or "unschooling needs to lead to imprisonment or death," so overall it was a very positive peek into a kinda random sample.

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