Sunday, June 07, 2009

Creepy Homeschool Thingie

I delete most requests for me to determine what kind of cat I am or which superhero I should have wild sex with or whatever all those are, but once in a while I do pick up a meme and turn it over and hold it up to the light. Some others have picked this up and done it too, so if you're on facebook, you can get to some others by following the bread crumbs and laughter from If you're not already on facebook, it's not worth joining it for that.

I brought it here because Frank did his on his blog instead of on facebook and he credited/blamed/indicted me.

Homeschool Thingie!
Yesterday at 10:30pm

I'm not tagging people other than Rebekah who tagged me, but if anyone wants to do it for fun, I'll come and read it if you tag me on yours.

1. What time do you get up?
When I'm through sleeping, unless I need to be somewhere. This ranges from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00; usually closer to 7:00

2. What do your children wear to school?
They've never been to school

3. What curriculum have you tried and hated? What have you tried and loved?
I love the fact that i never tried a curriculum, so I didn't have to "hate" one.

4. Who is your most inspirational homeschooling role model?
Pam Sorooshian

5. Abeka, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, or Classical?

6. Favorite response to “What about socialization?”
I say "What do you mean?"
Usually the question is asked by rote, the same way adults ask stranger-children "Where do you go to school?" Most people just blink and stammer, because they don't even know what they meant when they asked it.

7. Favorite subject?

8. Favorite field trip ever?
I collected traditional songs from people I met in England. But with my kids? "Field trip" is a very schooly word, but we did go to Washington DC to see the fireworks one 4th of July.

9. Best thing about homeschooling?
Family cohesion (at our house, anyway; some families screw that up by doing school at home)

10. Sports, music, or art?
For me? Music. For others, other things.

11. Beautiful script handwriting, or lightning fast accurate typing?
I can do calligraphy but that's slow. i can type like the wind. So can my kids and my husband, though he's the only one of them who's a touch typist.

12. Best one stop shopping for school books?
"School books"? It's not "a stop," but for non-fiction books I used to really like Chinaberry Books, Usborne and Dorling-Kindersley. They're not "school books," they're real books for normal people.

13. One subject you didn’t get to this week:
At this point in our unschooling this question doesn't make sense.

14. What will you do when you run out of kids to teach?
I never did "teach" my kids. I helped them learn. They're 22, 20 and 17; have I "run out of kids"?

15. Ever give school books as holiday or Birthday gifts?
If anyone has ever done that I hope they got a stocking full of report cards.

16. Better late or early (delay formal education at home, or start as young as possible?)
Better where they are every day.


Cap'n Franko said...

Well I had to blame somebody! I certainly wasn't going to accept responsibility for initiating that thing!

It was fun. snicker!

Robyn Coburn Writer said...

There's only one question worth answering, the one about the role models. But my list is really long, so that's not helpful. I like Frank's answer.

Jennifer Fink said...

I haven't seen that version yet. Interesting questions -- that can be hard to answer when you unschool.

Have I ever given school books as gifts? No -- but then again, I've never delineated between school and non-school books. Have I ever given books as gifts? You bet! But not in a, "Here, you should read this." or a "Here, this is soemthing you need to know." kind of way. More in a, "Hey, I know you love fishing, so here's a fishing book."

Cap'n Franko said...

Ok, I've done the UNschool version now. Here.