Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday AGAIN!??

Here is why it's hard for me to work on a book:
  • My house is fun.
  • I have company sometimes on short notice.
  • Holly likes to talk to me.
  • People need to eat.
  • There are live chats (one tomorrow, in fact...).
  • I'm invited to showers and performances and such.
  • People order copies of the other book, and I have to print and file papers and pack books and go to the post office and read a book while I stand in line. (HAVE to. )
  • When I go to a webpage to find what I want to quote or summarize for the new book (which is a summary of the web page), I follow links and read, or I find something to tweak in the formatting.
  • I receive fascinating e-mail, and sometimes the e-mail of lunatics (which can also be fascinating).
  • Furniture and televisions keep being rearranged.
  • We have accepted custody of two cats who are still very spooked about the greater house and yard, and our already-cats are wondering what is up. I am, of late, a social worker and counsellor for felines.
  • I'm going to a wedding this weekend. The friend who was my bridesmaid is getting married, to the guy she was living with before I met Keith. Keith and I have been together 31 years (married for 25).
  • My yard needs water, and my flowers keep being beautiful: Day lilies, lilies of the Nile, morning glories, mimosa, various things whose names I don't know, and I have a tomato blossoming, and a potato about to bloom/blossom/whatever potato plants do when they make those beautiful flowers.
  • Always Learning is a great list—interesting every single day, and I can't stop reading it because... because it's my list? No, because I don't want to get behind.
  • I need to blog about these things sometimes.
  • I want to eat chocolate.

When will I finish a book? Sooner if I go back to it right now.

Holly's going to do the cover for me. We have a plan but it can't really be seen yet. Too raw. Mostly sketchy and wordy.
Check back as time goes by, maybe...


Heather said...

Sandra, I LOVE the title! Like REALLY love the title! It's so playful and sort of nostalgic, and just perfect! Well... to me. :-)

Tracy said...

I'm working on a different kind of book, but I have a list that sounds much like yours.

Looking forward to adding your new book to my list of recommended reading.