Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday now, and 32 years ago, another Friday

Can you tell which one's me? One is my sister, and one is a friend from 1960 and forward who was in school with me, in girl scouts, 4-H, Sunday School, band.... One is my ex-boyfriend. One is my ex-husband (now deceased). One of those was the friend's husband at the time of the photo. Small town! Oh! And my ex-husband's younger sister later married the younger brother of that childhood friend, and their kids are grown and nearly so!

Another blog in another universe not too far away —That one has some names and details. I'm leaving this as is here.

That Friday was more exciting than this Friday, but here goes:

1. I love my home.

2. My favorite thing for dinner lately has been salmon.

3. Someone's at the door and we hear "bark! bark! bark!"

4. A nice long walk is awaiting me in Wales! Beginning of August...

5. Geri's Good News Network is some good news. (see the blog post just below this one)

6. When all is said and done, I hear ABBA in my head.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to rearranging my stuff, and trying to suck up to our new cats so they'll trust us, tomorrow my plans include rearranging some more stuff, working on a book and Sunday, I want to clean the hot tub and put that 400 gallons of water on some of my flowers!!

The sister of a longtime friend is moving to Hawaii to go to college and can't take her two cats, so I volunteered to take them. They're living in the library, still very skittish (and one was a barn cat to begin with), one is recovering from surgery, and I'm going to wait until Monday to try to introduce them to the house at large. One doesn't like our dog (has never been around dogs), and one of our other cats is pretty territorial, so next week might be difficult for me, but not as difficult as it might be for the cats. :-/

I wish I had a way to really communicate with them and our resident cats, who were themselves captured as feral kittens from a barn is Las Lunas when they were already five or six months old, but that was ten or eleven years ago, and who knows what cats remember.


Lori said...

"Medieval Knievel and the Space Notes"??? LOL!

I knew who everyone was, and their relationships, before I peeked at the answers. Guess that means we're good friends and/or have gotten old(er) together :-)

Love, Lori

Sylvia said...

Yay -- I got it right for you and Irene.

Oddest of all, tho, is how much your ex-husband Jimbo at that age looked like my ex-husband, also a Jimbo (tho I called him Jim). Clearly not the same guy, tho, given age difference.