Monday, June 22, 2009

New, out the back gate


I was wrong about the hopeful news of it being a Pizza Hut subsidiary and having an inexpensive menu. Bummer.

It took a LONG time for the place to be finished and opened. The notes below show why I thought what I thought, and how concerned others are to clarify. That's fine. It just is what it just is.

Earlier today:

After years of vacant lot, they built a Popeye's Chicken behind us, but it didn't even last a year, I don't think. It closed a few months ago. There've been construction guys there for a week or so, and today The News:

"Fastino's. Never heard of it. Looking...

Holly had said "I hope it's drive through Italian!" I said it would probably be Mexican, but Holly's right. It's a Pizza Hut subsidiary. COOL!

I don't know where this one is, but as I can find very little about it, I've lifted this from a business article:
The new Fastino's menu includes Italian specialty pastas, such as fettuccine alfredo, $2.99; cheese tortellini, $3.49; pasta primavera, $3.49; and lasagna, $3.79. They are served with a free garlic bread stick. Spaghetti, with a choice of four sources, is available in servings for one to four people and starts at $2.59.

And choice of four pizzas -- pepperoni, beef and pepperoni, deluxe and plain -- is offered by the slice, starting at 70 cents, or $4.59 for single and $7.99 for two pies. The menu also includes a 99-cent side salad and two desserts -- Italian ices, 99 cents, and "cheesecakes on a stick,"$1.29.

Because it says "pies" I'm guessing it was written by someone in New Jersey or New York. :-)

Well anyway... it should smell better than a chicken-frying place. So those who come to visit me can now walk over to very inexpensive and very fast pasta or pizza!


Heather said...

That's the most inexpensive Italian menu I've ever seen! $.70 for a slice of pizza? It's like when I was little all over again.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I will look forward to checking it out sometime. Next time I will give you more warning and your new book will be done. But you may be on a book signing by then. You rock!

Deanne said...

What else would you call it besides a pie?

Sandra Dodd said...

A pizza. :-)

jeff said...

Are you talking about the Fastinos on Juan Tabo between Menaul and Candaleria? I heard it's very good. Sit down or take out.


Daniel said...

Fastino's is a an Italian place that's run by the people that run Sagio's down on Central. The food is excellent, but there isn't any slices going for .70 and no pasta for $3.49! A slice of cheese will run you $2.99, but they are really big, and well worth it. The place is as pricey as any other small Italian joint.

Sandra Dodd said...

Daniel is correct. Somewhere in the long (LONG) time that it took them to remodel it and remodel it again and paint the outside, and then paint the outside different, it became someone else's project, and the food is not inexpensive but what I've had of it was really good.

Anonymous said...

It never was going to be run by Pizza Hut. You may have thought this because at one time Pizza Hut had introduced a "Fastinos" fast food pizza concept in the midwest. However, the people who own and operate this Fastinos are connected to Saggios. Pizza Hut no longer owned the Fastinos name.

Sandra Dodd said...

Okay. I thought it because I googled Fastino's when the sign first came by, and that's all the information I had, was the name.

But they have brought some art to the place, and they got two storage transfer boxes out back and they've been painted (nearly finished) with two classic autos on each side. That's worth seeing.