Thursday, November 19, 2009

Classic Marty Dodd, and Indian art

Intent photo of Marty, by Ravi Bharadwaj, Sunday night. (Marty's eyes aren't always so red, but they match his shirt!)

After the rangoli demonstration and workshop, Beatles Rock Band drew everyone downstairs for a while. These and other photos are at the Monkey Platter Festival blog.

I still have photos to add there. Still working on it. I never did get all my photos from England up, so I might fail at "all" but I've already succeeded at "most." I think.


Madeline Rains said...

So beautiful! And, I guess like the Mandala sand art, part of the intention is that it is impermanent. I can't wait to get our mandala kit but now I want colors as vibrant as these pigment powders.

Holly said...

You might have meant "intense picture" of Marty. He's a pretty classic classy guy.

Sandra Dodd said...

Honestly, I'm not sure what I meant. Photo of Marty intently drumming. Photo of Marty staring intensely at Rock Band.

Lynch Family said...

Both photos reflect "purpose"--but not "obligation." Good stuff.