Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Pie

First, to set the scene: The hot fudge sauce has nothing whatsoever to do with the pie.

I had done two raised, round medieval pastry coffin pies before (and another couple of small rectangular ones, but those were in a mold). The first was perfect, the second was not.

Here's the tiebreaker. It's a pork pie. I used "Food in England" for a description of how to raise the coffin, and "In Service to our Middles," an SCA cookbook I've had for a long time, for the main recipe.

I could've left it in a little longer. I was able to move it from this pan to a plate just by picking it up and moving it, though!

Of the sauce, which was a long-cooked-down onion soup made with pork bones, basically, only a little fit into the hole. I stabbed in there to make more room, but still, not much.

To serve it, I removed the top and dished it out with a spoon and put a little of the soup/stock over it in the bowls. It's light pork meatloaf with lots of raisins.

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