Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holly in my dress, and how I relax

Holly, in my wedding dress, yesterday:

Yesterday Hema and Ravi Bharadwaj left, with Raghu and Zoya, about 10:30. Zoya wasn't happy about leaving. I had a great week with them here, so I wasn't crazy about it myself. The rest of the afternoon I was very tired. Did the unschooling chat and it was a pretty good one. The last day of the Geesee chat code, they say. It should be disappearing from the world tomorrow. It was based in Eastern Europe somewhere, and it's been fizzling out for two years already, but I liked it all but the font being small.

Keith drove me to the post office to mail books ordered over the weekend, and we went to the grocery store. I was too tired to eat. I did watch House and The Big Bang Theory (with Holly, the second one), and I slept very happily.

So today I suppose I could be relaxing, but I'm cooking a turkey stuffed with whole grapes, apples and dates (because we got a free turkey the other day, and we'll be scattered hither and yon on Thanksgiving), and I'm draining the hot tub to clean it. I'm not making "a turkey dinner," I'm going to make bread and an orange/cranberry sauce and slice up some tomatoes.... I'm making turkey sandwich supplies. Keith goes to singing tonight. Rare for our lives, he's in a singing group I'm not in. (I could be, but I'm in an SCA burnout phase, generally speaking.)

That is the snapshot of my life today, I guess. Tomorrow, Wednesday, a current, rich, ripe Gratitude list.

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Anonymous said...

Holly is such a pretty girl!