Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Project, Week Five of Six

I'm grateful that Hema and her family were able to come and visit.

I'm grateful that others came to the various "Monkey Platter Festival" activities so that Hema's family could be around other unschoolers.

I'm grateful that Julie Daniel found some more errors in The Big Book that I could fix. Some were very subtle and artsy.

I'm grateful that Keith made a new step for the bottom of the "fire escape" (stairs down from the library deck).

I'm grateful for a warm bed and the possibility of a nap this afternoon, after one of the best and most tiring weeks of my life.

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Hema Bharadwaj said...

I only just am catching up on your blog.... and i want to chime in...

I'M GRATEFUL TO BE UNSCHOOLING AND GRATEFUL FOR RAVI IN MY LIFE AND GRATEFUL FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND GRATEFUL THAT WE HAD SUCH A LOVELY TIME IN ABQ WITH UNSCHOOLING FAMILIES WHO SHARED THEIR STORIES, SELVES AND TIME... ITS A LONG GRATITUDE LIST THESE DAYS... How lovely huh? And today my unschooling friend, Urmila, said she's found some folks right here in Pune who are cataloging resources here for all to share... amazing. AND I got to speak to another lady who is unschooling her kids in Delhi! Okay, time for a water-fight upstairs on our terrace.... where the sun is shining bright.

Sandra Dodd said...

Up on our deck (which you can picture now, Hema, because you've seen it!) there is ice. A water fight today in Albuquerque would be A Really Bad Idea. It's nice to picture your kids (because I can picture them well now) playing in the water in a warm place!