Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pachelbel's Canon

The first Learn Nothing Day had a substitute page for my main unschooling page, intended to be very soothing and peaceful. The music is a very quiet version of "Pachelbel's Canon." Done on string instruments and maybe with a harp in there? Soothing. Gentle low-level soaring. About as slowly as it could be played, which I needed for the Learn Nothing Day lull.


If you read music or care anything about music history, you might open this page to read along with the music for the video below.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachelbel's_Canon There are two sound files on that page too—one of a piano arrangement and one on synthesizers. That would give you a taste of the range of its existence.

Then there's this, a home video of someone adding electric guitar. Some of you have probably seen it already, as it's been viewed over 66,000,000 times. Still, I found it today, as a link on the Medieval Trivia list. The original is baroque, not medieval, but it's a nice treatment and I'm glad someone sent it to that list.


Tall Kate said...

I really, really enjoyed the electric guitar version. Thanks for sharing!!

Sally said...

Thanks for posting the guitar video. I hadn't seen it, and I thought it was great! It reminded me of Mike Oldfield's guitar stylings. I think Pachelbel would have liked it. :D

Anna said...

I love love love Canon :-)