Wednesday, December 16, 2009

our house and "The Raghu-Weasley Star Award"

You can read the whole thing (red link below), but the important award moment is this: "Raghu says to award your home the Raghu-Weasley Star for "most interesting home" :-)"
The Raghu-Weasley Star Awards

Raghu stayed at our house, went home and thought about it, and during a Harry-Potter-Movie-watching marathon at his house, decided our house was most like The Weasley's house! This is wonderful. I'm only disappointed now that I have no magical clock to tell where and how my family members are, nor have I the ability to enchant a spoon to just keep stirring. Other than that, I accept the honor with feelings of gratitude and a little embarrassment. Sorry about the crumbs.

Many images of our house and their family and other places around town are on the monkey platter festival blog here.

There's Raghu playing Beatles Rock Band, and in the next photo his sister Zoya touching fingers with Marty in the background. Then there's his mom, Hema, and my daughter, Holly, with house-view behind them (and an art project on the table which should've been outside on the ground but it was too cold for that).

Barbieland (our room under the stairs), and some of the front-yard doings:

I couldn't find the original of this one as I replaced other images with better versions; might look again another day.

Thank you, Raghu and Hema, for comparing my house to one of the most loving homes in recent literature.


Anonymous said...

What a truly wonderful compliment!!!

Glenda said...

Oh, I love the Weasley's house!! I agree, what a compliment :). (I, too, would love one of the "where everyone is" clocks.)

Hema Bharadwaj said...

A word about the crumbs.... I'm still re-prioritizing my life so it does not revolve around the crumbs and instead focuses on the smiling faces producing the crumbs. So sometimes i fantasize that if my house did not have large, plain, white, bathroom tiles all over (don't ask... its a India thing... the whole house is tiled!) then I'd be happier... every mustard grain would not be so obvious then.

kelli said...

Very cool! Love the Weasley house and yours :) much fun!