Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best change to the place I live...

December 13 What's the best change you made to the place you live?

Keith put some solar-powered lit-up stepping stones in front. That's nice.

We consolidated a couple of compost piles into one big new one and that's fun.

We have a guest room! (When Holly's not home we have one, and if necessary we have two guest rooms plus the library!)

Those aren't changes "I made" all by my own self, though.

We got a Roku player. That's a nice addition. For $100 you can watch movies from Netflix and other such things. Rent movies from Amazon onto the TV... But that's not the answer.

Keith made a bottom step under the long stairs (I mean "fire escape") from the deck, and that's nice. It's removable so backing the truck up is still doable.

OH!!! THIS IS IT: The best change I made to the place I live is that I bought three pots of Agapantha / Peter Pan Lilies of the Nile and put them out in three different places not even visible to one another. Yes, that is definitely or possibly the best thing of the year as to the place where I live.

The middle thing, not the sunflowers, and not the mimosa.
More on those.

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