Sunday, March 06, 2011

Doc Holiday's Hock Shop

When I was a kid and lived 90 miles from Albuquerque, I liked the TV commercials for Doc Holliday's Hock Shop.  They would talk about jewelry and musical instruments, and the announcer was enthusiastic, and the storefront looked cool.

Later when I lived in Albuquerque, I never even went in.  It was just another pawn shop.  

Years passed.  The business has changed its name (probably from a change of ownership), and "Doc Holiday's Pawn Shop" has none of the alliteration or cool internal rhyme.   They've moved into an old Grandy's building down the road from our house.  Holly and I were passing by tonight, and turned around to get this little video of part of the series on their electronic sign.  I mostly thought our Brit friends might be amused, but there are other states where it would be just about as unlawful as in the UK.

NOTE:  This isn't a commentary on law or guns, just a little pointer to the real differences in where people live.

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Doc Holliday's said...

Hello Sandra,
Thanks for the nice blog. Doc Holliday's is still owned by the same family. We just decided to change the sign to Pawn because people were having trouble finding us when looking for a Pawn Shop. We are only now starting to show on google when you look for pawn shop, in Albuquerque. Our legal name is still Doc Holliday's Hock Shop.

Thanks again,