Wednesday, March 09, 2011


For the past couple of days, various people in our house have reported smelling poo.  Keith thought "cat pee."  I thought poo.  Marty and Holly thought maybe dead mouse behind the fridge, but nobody could get anyone else to smell the thing they had smelled, where they had smelled it.

This morning I reached down to pet one of the cats, and she was matted, on the back.  This is a young, healthy cat.  Gross.   Aging poo all over the back of her (?!) and her legs.   She let us wash her in the sink, twice. She sat quietly, wet, wrapped up in towels.  Twice.  She has two odd scrapes on her haunches, some hair missing, but no cuts or punctures.

In news I hope (I REALLY hope) is entirely unrelated, this afternoon as I walked through the back yard picking up trash to put in the hot tub fire (because things blow through out back gate from the alley and businesses out there, and the wind has blown hard lately), I found toilet paper with poo.  And another one, in our yard, toilet paper with poo.

Later Keith found a third.

It's bad enough to sneak into a person's yard to poop, but I certainly hope no late-night stranger rolled our cat in it!  We didn't find anything but the paper.   Where's CSI when you need them?

the cleaned-up cat

NEWSFLASH: While I was uploading the cat image, Keith found the, uh... other evidence. No photos will be forthcoming. The deed was done outside the gate. Either the paper was chucked over the wall, or it blew through.

This dark and dirty sort of thing does NOT get reported in Just Add Light and Stir


Chris said...

Ugh! May be time to install a surveillance camera? Who carries toilet paper with them?

Glenda said...

===This dark and dirty sort of thing does NOT get reported in Just Add Light and Stir.===

Oh my gosh, Sandra, that sentence had me laughing outloud!

Your poor, sweet kitty. Strange about the scrapes and missing hair on her haunches. Glad the mysterious nasty smell was figured out!

Maybe there's a homeless person in the area? Either way, yuck about finding human poo & t.p. in your space.

Sandra Dodd said...

I think carrying toilet paper is a great thing. :-) And seriously, I wouldn't want to watch a person poop by my gate, so a surveillance camera sounds like a bad idea.

It's not like they pooped in a paper bag on the front porch and set it on fire.

As for the cat, maybe she got caught by a dog, from the back, and rolled around in a dirty dog yard before she got loose. That's my best guess.

Julie said...

Very strange. Glad your kitty is o.k.