Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holly, knots, soup

The other day I complimented Holly on her necklaces.  She showed me that one was a string with a fancy knot in it, one was a piece of lamp chain with a different kind of knot, and her bracelet was also string, knotted.  

Here's the onion soup from dinner, and then the onion soup in larger context.  We're having fun.

I'm in for the night.  Holly's out visiting.  We're all set for tomorrow, attending others' sessions in the mornings and doing one together in the afternoon, and then Holly has one herself (and wants me to be there in case she gets stuck).  My main bit is the last time slot tomorrow.


Schuyler said...

I love that bench cover! It reminds me of a crochet throw that someone's grandma made on the back of a couch.

Sandra Dodd said...

It was in a restaurant at the Pheasant Run Resort where the InHome conference was held, in the part of the conference center that was designed to simulate New Orleans. :-)

Some of the images in Just Add Light lately are from that restaurant, too. OH wait... one was, and some others will be. :-)