Monday, March 28, 2011

What Chicago looks like (a little bit of it, today)

Kim was our tour guide, photographer, and lender of gloves and cap.
I hope New Mexico is much warmer than this when we get home!

I love the mix of old and new, and the blue building fading into the blue sky.

The angles were already fun, and the shadow made it moreso.  

A red and white cement mixer was outside the window, and Holly pulled out a red and white shirt she had just bought.  I'm sorry she got in front of the truck.  :-)  Every bit of the truck was red with white decoration.  But they matched.

Lines and designs are everywhere here:
I was after the designs on the lamp post next to the designs on the booth (the cover for the stairs an escalator from the underground parking), and didn't see the lamp's reflection until I was home.

Another lamp, parallel to the buildings, but not to that wooden phone or power pole in the alley.

The green mailbox is nice with the store sign painted on the wall past it.


Lynch Family said...

I just love Millenium Park! I hope you both had a lovely time at the conf., I was sad we couldn't make it this year!

Pleased said...

My Aunt Dorothy works in the Daley Building (that diamond-shaped one). I always see that building in Chicago pictures and think of her.

I love Chicago.

Jen said...

So glad you made it out of the suburbs! Chicago is where I learned to be an adult, where I met and married my husband, where I birthed and raised Pearl and Cas until they were 3 and 1. Chicago is one of the great cities.

Love the photos. I hope you and Holly enjoyed your trip. I'm sure there were folks at the conference that were positively affected by what you had to say.

Jeff + Jill said...

Great pictures guys! So glad to meet you both. Thanks for coming to Chicago!