Sunday, May 26, 2013

English junk superior to American junk

Carboot sales: Two of them. I'm not showing what I bought; generally I'm showing what I photographed that I couldn't buy because I have weight and space limitations.

 photo DSC00040.jpg

 photo DSC00006.jpg
Coal fire grate, leaded window, big crocks, nice round table with shelves, a nice stirrup on top; not like Western stirrups.

 photo DSC00030.jpg
I liked the flags: American because it was hamburgers; Coca Cola, because hey—nice flag, color-coordinated; UK for UK.

 photo DSC00047.jpg

I don't fault this vendor for not having an American flag. Hot dog on a baquette with tumeric and what!?

 photo DSC00048.jpg

Their traditional tool handle isn't the same as ours—wooden, then resin later:

 photo DSC00051.jpg

Also, we shopped in Slough because we were hungry and parked in a mall's parking garage, and passed through to Nando's, which has Portuguese food. :-)

I saw an armored car guy, with a kind of riot helmet and no gun. I was eating when he returned to the truck, so no photo, but Julie explained "smart water" to me. All sci-fi and high-tech.

 photo DSC00088.jpg

Then we got back to Ashford and I went to church, to see the inside of St. Matthew's, where I've been twice in the past, but the church was locked just as I got there both times. So I was IN. And it was okay with me to get back out; not the cheeriest of services, though there was singing. Old-style, chanty, not easy to dance to. Interesting; a little morbid. There were flowers left over from the wedding I sneaked a from-the-back photo of yesterday.

 photo DSC00106.jpg

With me, there were 18 people in the building. Seven of them were were involved in the whole service (substitute/temp vicar, organist/director/five choristers) and two more did readings. One did the collection and had been welcoming people, and showed me which page when I was lost between prayer book and hymnal (words, no music) a couple of times)... so TEN, of the seventeen who weren't me, were involved in the service. That left seven who were just in the congregation (and me, eight).

I am 59. I was not the youngest person there. Two were younger; one was about my age (the minister).
I have half-white hair (half? I have greying hair). Two people had hair with no grey. A dozen had ALL white hair.

Surely the morning service had more people, but I was at a car boot sale.

Other photos of the day, some beyond explanation, some obvious.


Chris S. said...

St. Matthews -- Church of England?? Seems kind of familiar - I grew up around Episcopalian.

Sandra Dodd said...

It was Church of England, but the nearest to Catholic in one of those churches that I had seen. Jesus with thorny crown on the cross (no blood or agony, but clearly inconvenienced). The program had the Saint of the Week, and she was a Carmelite nun from Italy.