Friday, May 31, 2013

I spy, I spy with my little...

I spy, I spy, with my little camera's zoom function...

 photo DSC00231.jpg

This is distorted; the wall was mostly straight, partly curved toward us, not away. Here's Joyce, in those moments.   But down in front of us was something...
 photo DSC00229.jpg  photo DSC00232.jpg

Something interesting and old(ish)!

 photo DSC00233.jpg

A washtub with a scrub board, I guess. Maybe more particular than that. Maybe some sort of construction or art supplies. Could be both. The pipes above it, I don't know. The wheel behind it, I don't know.

In the distance is a bridge like the one in San Francisco, and a castle.

 photo DSC00226.jpg

 photo DSC00230.jpg

That building in the foreground has a great roof-room and terrace.

There were churches all over the place.

There was a photoshoot up top, of a bride and groom, and in the parking lot was their getaway vehicle, a rented motorcycle with sidecar.
 photo DSC00227.jpg  photo DSC00235.jpg

 photo DSC00236.jpg

It had white bows on the back.

 photo DSC00237.jpg

We spent a lot of time in the tile museum, and those photos will come later.


Anonymous said...

Until the 50's (maybe 60's) the flats where sold with a concrete "washtub with a scrub board" in the back of the house, in the open air bancony that was always in the kitchen. Now almost all the balcony are closed and integrated in the kitchens.

"The pipes above it" belong to an old rainwater drainage system (caleira). The concrete box in the middle it's strange. If i was there i would be touching and observing to figure it out.

"The wheel behind it" it's the base for an sun umbrella. whell + concrete with a metal tube in the midle so we have a hole to stick the umbrella.

"That building in the foreground" it's in front of my house, it is ilegal, 2 more floors than permited by law but the owner of it paid a lot at the city council and there it is.

On the left of that building are the works to build the bigest garden in Lisbon centre. It will have playground, vegatable garden, café, look out.. it's great and we are reaaly happy with that.

At the look out where you where, on the photos, there is a litle church. Inside, there is a chair where the pergnant woman sit to ask the virgin for an easy labour.

I like the fact that the one of the bif trees in that same look out looks like a pregnant woman -

Inside, on the left, the is a set up of the birth of baby jesus (presépio = crib?) and, in 1t plan, a woman with breastfedinf her baby, we can see her naked breast (i will try to find a photo of it).

One i went to that church during the "sunday service" and it was in latin. It was astonished with those 6 persons responding in latin. All women where in black and with their heads covered.

Sandra Dodd said...

Cátia, thank you for those explanations! There's your pregnant-woman tree linked (I hope).

When I was little, older women went to church (in Northern New Mexico) with long lace "mantillas" eery time, and people were complaining that the mass wasn't in Latin anymore, and so they had to re-learn the responses. And when it was in Latin, people who spoke Spanish or English all knew it, but when it changed, the priests needed to decide which service they would do in Spanish or which in English.

There was an advantage to Latin. When people travelled, church was about the same if they were Catholic.

Sandra Dodd said...

Not all Catholics would've recognized the saints when they travelled, though. Expedito was news to me. And in New Mexico there's a lot of "Our Lady of Guadalupe." Fatima is associated with one church there, but she's not on t-shirts and tattoos as the Virgin of Guadalupe is, in New Mexico.