Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First glimpses of Lisbon

Marta will take us to some beautiful places. What I've seen thusfar is probably mundane and (to the locals) boring. Everything I've seen thusfar is (to me) new and exciting.

After mostly cloudy views from London, I finally started seeing the ground!

We rode from the airport with Marta, got to her street, went up and got settled a bit, walked a few blocks to the park Constança wanted me and Joyce to see, and Bruno walked us up another little way to a viewing platform sort of... park with a view. Then we walked back.

I'm tired and should stay in, though we had an offer to go back out. Tomorrow we will see more things!

The last bit is an older building, uninhabited, perhsps with the tile stolen off the front. Many have a fully tiled front wall.

The distorted verticals are the view out of the bedroom where I'm staying for two weeks.

The photos seem to be coming in reverse order; sorry.

SandraDodd's May29Lisbon arrival album on Photobucket

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