Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birds in Texas

What are these little birds? They were at a rest stop somewhere before Fredericksburg; I don't know exactly where we were. You can click for closeups.

Here is Keith, our heroic driver who got us here safely in thirteen hours.

Other photos of the day (not so many) are

Kirby called a bit ago, on his lunch break. He works until 11:00 tonight, and we'll see him tomorrow morning 11:00ish. We'll keep adding photos from time to time.


zamozo said...

Barn Swallows

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I was just in Texas all winter and grew up there. My first thought when I saw bird pics, "barn swallows." They are really awesome to watch b/c they swoop after bugs in such a neat pattern over and over again. And their coloring is pretty too.

Glad you made it there safely! We just left Austin on Tuesday. ;)

Madeline Rains said...

Gillen (my 10yo birder) agreed - barn swallows. I would have no idea. I love the picture of Keith in the middle of the sun/crown/shield..

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks! They were pretty, and they did fly differently than other birds I'm used to. The birds we have that size are sparrows and finches.

I'm kinda thrilled I got two good shots of flight. That's not easy. I threw away two shots of the shelter with the birds gone from the frame. Two outa four ain't bad. :-)

Happy Campers said...

Glad your trip went well. Grew up in Austin, now live in DFW area.

My bird ID also would be a barn swallow.

Have fun in the Lone Star State!

Mary Ann said...

We've got some black birds here at this campground in Nebraska with yellow heads that I've never seen before...

I got you one of the brand new, just off the presses New Mexico Quarters from the Denver Mint.

Do you have one yet? I couldn't help but think of your joke a few weeks ago.i

Sandra Dodd said...

New Mexico quarters came out while we were not in New Mexico!? How embarrassing for us. Haven't seen it yet.

I'm up early and can hear an owl outside. What an exotic place! :-)