Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three in one day

It's only recently than I can be giddy about speaking with all three of my kids on one day. For years (their whole lives, as they were born and grew) they were all three in one place more often than not.

Yesterday I spoke with Kirby about our visit. Keith, Holly and I are driving to Austin to see him the 28th. Sunday and Monday are his days off, so we'll drive on Saturday and Tuesday. He said he has other friends—Ben, Beth and Tura— visiting him the weekend after that.

Marty *might* get to go to Texas with us, but he's a week into a new job at Par's Restaurant, a Persian/Mediterranean restaurant where his friend Sadie works, and she let him know they needed someone to bus tables. He likes it. And he visited with Brett Henry and Julie Rice-McClure last fall.

Today I talked to Kirby about the possibility of having a Sorooshian & Dodd reunion (moms and kids, at least) in Tempe, Arizona next March 6-7 for the HENA conference. I hope it works out. We talked about what kinds of workshops we might do, in various combinations. There was much enthusiasm. I'll get to see him in two weeks.

Holly's boyfriend, Brett Manifold-Wheeler, had his birthday two days ago and they've celebrated in various ways then and since. Today they went to Cliff's Amusement Park (known to oldtimers as "Uncle Cliff's," short for its ancient name "Uncle Cliff's Family Land"). It's been there since the 60's, and maybe longer. (1959, it says here.) Holly lost her phone on the roller coaster. She's using mine until hers is found or replaced.

Keith is in Colorado Springs for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences event, and to visit Needham. He'll be back tomorrow night with lots of stories.

There was frost on the car this morning. None of my baby plants seemed to have a problem. There's been snow on the Sandias since two days ago, and Keith was driving up into snow on Friday. Now it's starting to sound like the letters my granny used to write! So I'll say I transplanted some snake grass I dug up in the mountains, and some that I rooted in a jar; seventeen sunflower seedlings are up from seed from the giant sunflower that came up voluntarily near the back compost pile last year, and I moved a row of mint over by the back garage door.

At the moment, Marty, Holly and two Bretts are in the room above me making happy noise, and I've been working in the yard, doing laundry, filing things and scanning stuff, listening to music and having a very pleasant day.

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