Monday, April 28, 2008

Kirby in April

We have done it. We have visited one of our children where he lives, and it's not where we live.

Kirby's apartment is nice, and his roommate is great, and I can picture him now, when I'm home, and picture his neighborhood. This is good.

There's our Ford Taurus (blue) next to Kirby's Chevy Monte Carlo (white/silver). Photos like this are boring when they're new, but lots of fun thirty years later when the cars are quaint.

We were waiting on the porch for him to get out of the shower. The Hannah Montana poster is inside the pantry door. It has a long story, but not as long as it will have after Holly has some time at home with that photo, I bet.

We went to eat at Bill Miller's, a local place that quite honestly puts Blake's Lotaburger and Mac's Steak in the Rough to shame. It was a nice place to be, the food was good, and there's Holly sitting at another table with (on the phone) her boyfriend, helping answer our questions about what was going on back home, who it was he and Marty were helping move yesterday, and so forth.

Kirby told us that a bunch of the Albuquerque transplants had a meal there just after they came down from New Mexico, and the food was so good and inexpensive that they felt much better about their move. Good for Bill Miller.

I'm awake early and everyone else is asleep.


zamozo said...

Oh, the photo of Kirby hugging you tripped my tears! Yay for Kirby and the Dodds!

kelli said...

I'm glad you shared your trip with us. I was just thinking about blogs and years down the line; how our kids will really enjoy these posts. :) I hope they are saved some way.

Give Kirby a hug from us and hugs to the rest of you too!