Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holly this morning

Holly's very happy at what the humidity is doing to her hair. She's hair-obsessed. Bummer the video was pre-primp. There will be more photos, though. At the moment she's thinking she can decide where to move when she's older by where her hair looks best. She loved New Mexico until her hair got all fluffy on a rainy day in Texas.

While I was writing this, Holly was in the bathroom. I posted, and then said "Okay, you can go on MySpace and say how pretty your hair is."

She said, "Thanks. I don't have a picture yet. Actually I have about thirty pictures..." and she laughed. When she uploads them to photobucket, I'll lift some and bring them here. So this post will be ongoing.


Mary Ann said...

I love Holly's smile -- it is just like yours!

Madeline Rains said...

Holly, I so relate to the hair thing, but in reverse. I visited my sister in Montana and fell in love with my hair with out humidity. I was looking in mirrors (which I never do in humid GA) whenever possible there.