Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$215.75 at the post office

That was fun! After the pain specialist and the five x-rays of my back, Marty took me to the post office where we mailed books. One box was all U.S. The other was all Canada and further points: Norway, Scotland, Wales, England, and Australia. I have fifteen orders I haven't packed up yet, all American. I ran out of time and energy. Now to the Drug Cabinet. The receipt is about 4' long. Quite entertaining.

I'm still going to get an MRI, and a bone scan, and an appointment back with the pain/spine people, in the next week and three. If I'm not better and if the x-ray shows a likely target, I might get a nerve-numbing shot of some sort after while.

Ah! Holly bought a sprig (?) of five lilies, only one of which was opened, before we left for the conference. When we got back, the first one was all a-wilt, and three had opened. I was down to a stem and one unopened blossom and it opened last night!

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