Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My potentially-dying words (recorded at an earlier date)

Sunday September 13 I was at a conference thinking maybe I was dying or something. Today I was at an orthopedic place thinking about the same thing, but new and different theories. I have an appointment for a bone scan tomorrow. Oh goody!

But that Sunday before last there were several people in my hotel room variously helping out, trying to feed me, advising Keith about local resources, and making me laugh, and then telling me to stop joking around and go to the hospital. You know the type.

Cheryl recorded my dying words (just in case, y'know) and here that is, with a note from her below. I liked that bed. Those pillows were nice.

Sandra's Dying Words - Humor even while in dire pain!

Ya know, with all the laughs in your room - the jokes and video, the one thing that stands out is how important it was that you made it to your chats and that the work you've done with unschooling carries on. It really is amazing all that you've put together over the years, and that book is going to be a big help.

"That book" can be ordered here:


personal_balance said...

I couldn't understand the first part so i am curious. I find it very appropriate that my teenaged son was trying to figure it out with me and we both heard the last bit together. He said, "that's good advice." Thanks Sandra!

zamozo said...

I couldn't understand it either. Could we have a transcript?

Sandra Dodd said...

I don't know what I said right at first, but I know what I said after the recording was stopped.

I said [something] now, with my dying words.

Tell your kids, your boys especially, that you don't want the first time they use a condom to be second time they needed one. Thank you very much. Now I can die in peace.

Then I said "Give all your kids some condoms," and Karri said "My husband has that covered," which made us all laugh, but luckily laughing didn't hurt.

Cheryl said...

I think you said, "starting now with my dying words...". I was joking about recording it, but obliged your request. Later, I almost deleted it because it seemed *wrong* to record someone who was on pain killers and in pain! I'm glad you were happy to have the video!

~Katherine said...

This is a funny moment and it's not *supposed* to be. Should I laugh? What the heck. I heard "starting now with my dying words" too, Cheryl. :}