Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today, me, home

I'm a little better, and planning my drug use in advance in hopes that I'll be stupified enough not to hurt or at least not to whimper in the plane. I don't want to scare little kids, nor to add to the nervousness of people who are afraid of flights. I'm not afraid of flying, I'm afraid of scaring other people. :-)

I called and was promised wheel chairs, and Keith will get me at 9:00. Once I'm with Keith, I'll be fine even if I'm crying because that won't scare him.

Last night I was getting updates from other family members about who was where. Keith and Marty got home before anyone else, and they were in the car. The last Holly update I had was from Marty who'd had a text from her saying where they were staying last night. She'll be in Corvallis later today. And I'll be in Albuquerque tonight. So we'll be all sorted and delivered to our *three* different places, we Dodds, having arrived from our two different places.

Kirby has an interview tonight for a senior position. Maybe I already told that here, but I will blame drugs if I repeat myself or if I totally fail to report something. He found out about it Sunday night by e-mail and then he got a communication from his supervisor saying the competition is stiff and Kirby's the last interview (because he was at the conference when the others were interviewed).

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