Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was interviewed by Sandi Schwartz

Sandi Schwartz interviewed me about unschooling today. Even though her show is usually Law-of-Attraction based, this time it was just unschooling.

She had done a lot of reading and research in advance, and she was a teacher in school-reform days too, which was very cool! I enjoyed the hour. There are only a couple of things I wish I'd said a little differently, but overall I think it was really good.

When it's not the default/new sound file on that page, I'll try to put it on my site, but for now you can hear it there.
It's here now: Unschooling: What It's Really All About

Here's the quote she started with. I could remember where it was quoted, but not who it was. :-)
"The thing that works with unschooling is to follow delight - and scatter it like a flower girl in front of the bride - not every petal will be crushed to release fragrance - but enough will. ...of course to follow delight, you have to admit to yourself that you feel delight." —Nora Cannon

Sandi Schwartz has a blog:


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra. I listened to the interview. Clearly, you are passionate about the topic. I enjoyed the talk very much. Thanks so much.

You said in your blog: "There are only a couple of things I wish I'd said a little differently, but overall I think it was really good."

What would you have said differently?

Thanks again.


Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks, Susan. I went off on tangents a few times I wish I had avoided. When I was asked about cooler games, I couldn't think of the name of Marty's so I covered the phone and yelled across the house to him, and just seems like a hole in the talk. :-)

I thought of "Apples to Apples," or "The aMAZEing Labyrinth," or "Five Crowns," but I didn't want to totally date the talk by naming things that will be old and gone, nor to promote one certain game over another one, and there are games being released next year that might be better than all of these.

I'd have to listen again to find the things that make me cringe. Maybe I could be wired up to sensors and listen to all my talks and people could code them somehow (larger print or darker color) when I was satisfied with what I'd said and jittery, lighter letters when I was thinking "DOH!"