Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Vibrations Conference

Dan Vilter took that photo. From the left, it's Cyrus, Rosie, Roxana & Kirby (in the back, and "an item"), Holly leaning on Roya, Marty, Sandra, Keith behind Pam. click it for an extreme close-up or click here for the "make a face" version.

There are another couple of photos of that group in Dan's photos (linked at left).

The conference was really great. What I'm hoping to do is to collect different people's commentary and links to their images and make them available for others to poke around through.
I'll increase my collection here:

For me, one of the best parts was having a two connected hotel rooms with all of our family there, for the whole time. I could see various combinations of Marty, Kirby and Holly just about anytime, and Keith was there to take care of me when my leg started to freak out. Every time might be the last time, for anything, but I was really aware that all five of us were together for over three days.

Kids I never met were sweet to me in the public passageways, and when little kids came running up the hall, they would say "excuse me" (Roxana mentioned that too), and they had good elevator manners.

Thanks for the kind words about the book from so many people, and I'd love to have any errors or typos you found, please, whether as a note below or an e-mail to me. Thanks!

Additions! Cindy send me embedding codes for these two things. I think they'll actually play it on her site, but still...

That's Marty right at the beginning who gets up just as he's on the sand, but hey, he was up!

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Madeline Rains said...

All of your kids are so beautiful! I loved the surfing show too.

I hope you're on the mend, or going to a chiropractor or someone soon?