Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biggest and smallest sights in the graveyard

Yesterday Mary Draper took me to a cemetery near her house. The tombstones were conservative, there were old family plots with a few fairly recent burials (last few decades, not last few months). There was a rock wall around and some VERY, very old trees. It was quiet and smelled good and there were half a dozen or more different kinds of moss and ferns. some places the ground was very "boingy" from pine needles or whatever else will make a full foot of a soft, quiet, rich surface, and then there were dinky ferns.

The pictures can be viewed larger with a click. One has a daddy-long-legs spider with a red body. I hadn't seen one before. Ours are the same color, body and legs.

And the biggest thing there was this tree:

The first thumbnail above is the life at the base of that tree. Beautiful.

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