Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Working backward... Orion got a bee sting today, but was fine within an hour.

There are images of an outing today and some other things yesterday (Friday).

Wednesday night we went to the Maui Film Festival which is pretty nearby, and saw two short films, a longer one and some of a documentary I'm definitely wanting to watch when I can. No photos there; not allowed.


Glenda said...

Sweet that Orion brought you back some of the ocean :).

The banana blossom is really cool - I've never seen one before and am amazed at how large they are.

Are you somewhat catching up on your sleep / rest?

Sandra Dodd said...

Just barely caught up, enough to survive. :-) That's enough.

When I get home I'll have three days with Keith and Marty, and will help them get ready for a week-long camping event in Colorado, and they'll leave Monday so there will some house-to-myself recovery/vacation from all this wonderful, invigorating three weeks of running around. (I hardly count that two day layover in Albuquerque to do laundry and water the yard...)

Then I pick Holly up at the airport Saturday night!

Glenda said...

Ah, those several days at home alone will allow for oodles of napping and resting :). How exciting that it's nearly time for Holly to be back at home!!