Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LAX not as nice as Albuquerque

LAX not as nice as ABQ. Just sayin'... and the women's room in United concourse 7 is like from the 1970's. So I guess in the 1970's they had one awesome, modernistic restroom!

Here are two images. One I thought was pretty. One was spooky.

The point of no return. Why didn't they just say so!?
or "I'd turn back if I were you."
It seems like a funnel-trap for wasps (but people-sized and people-shaped wasps).
That was one spooky hallway.

But I'm near civilization now, and they just said "Maui" over a loudspeaker somewhere. My charge is at 83%. All is well with my little corner of the world.


Robin B. said...

Yeah, I'd take Albuquerque or Kahului over LAX any day!

Anita Ann said...

That sign is creepy!