Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I saw here and there

Holly, from Quebec, as she appeared in Los Angeles, yesterday just as my plane started boarding. I would've liked to have talked longer, but it was a sweet effect of modern technology that I could talk to her there, that way.

In the next airport on the way to the luggage claim, I snapped this quickly. No longer Women/Mujeres with a short-skirt outline. All new and different here!

Jihong's house has a front deck with a beautiful view. And although she told me she cooked, this is beyond any expectation. She cooks. Her parents both cook. And I mean they can make art with food, and it's beautiful on the table, it tastes wonderful, and there's a great variety of it.

I would feel like a crazed hick if I took a photo of every meal, but every meal seems to be photogenic and stunning. There's a depth of creativity, too. Jihong is making things up—combinations never before attempted, and they're really good.

And here, in its imperfect cellphone-camera fuzziness, is the light as the sun came up behind us, and turned that island pink. It reminded me of the Sandias at sunset, except for the ocean all around it.

The birds and trees and flowers I've never seen before are overwhelming, but I'll keep collecting my thoughts enough to send something.

And on the not-photos end of life, the discussions here are like the discussions online lately, and like Kelly Lovejoy's talk at the Great Big Happy Life conference in New Jersey: Somehow unschooling parents lately are missing the central points and jumping to some troublesome practices and ideas. How can we help make things clearer? These discussions are half dismaying, and half inspiring. I hope that doesn't mean they will cancel themselves out and I'll never even remember having them!

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Cally said...

Looks so lovely, wish I was there =she says from new Zealand just a few days away from the shortest day =

As for the toilets - here we have the short skirt outline but the words are the same as the Hawaiiaan: women / wahine. Maori is very similar to Hawaiian.