Monday, June 14, 2010

Tripod (thank you, Marty!)

This reminds me of most of the young men I know, and a couple of the women (Rosie S. is one of 'em).

If that seemed fun, check out Ghost Ship. Spooky. Scary. And then it gets weird. (Rated R-ish)

I have watered the yard, washed the van, packed for Maui, made lunch for me and Marty, done some laundry, watched some Tripod... This afternoon there's an unschooling chat on the more-complicated-than-you-thought topic of half full / half empty (what's IN that glass!? What is the glass made of? What is the humidity level—is that stuff evaporating or gathering more!?)

Yes, when I'm up I'm up
And when I'm down I'm still pretty much up
And when I'm only halfway up
Is the "up" half full or half empty?


Glenda said...

Ha, that video is FUNNY!

Deanne said...

I enjoyed that video a lot! Thanks for sharing. Safe travels to Hawaii and back.