Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Important

"Tests don't prove that learning is happening. Tests don't show whether a child is a nice person who is kind to others. Tests don't help a kid make honest decision for themselves. Tests don't create happy learning." —Jenny Cyphers wrote that on Always Learning

The past few days have been rough online, for me more than others, I guess. There have been a few snarky oddities here and there, plus I'm moderating a list that has several current problem people. It seems I'm spending half my day returning posts or explaining things or agitating over how to soothe a situation. I'm putting more work into returning posts than some of the authors put into writing them in the first place.

This will pass; it always does. There will be boring days and scary days and frustrating days and exciting, happy days.

I have the house to myself for over five days. That's pretty exciting, in a calm way. It's profoundly quiet, though, because Holly is at "SMUG" near Montreal (no computer/internet/phone), and Keith and Marty are beyond phone service at Battlemoor (a medieval event in southern Colorado). Holly will be back on Saturday night after nearly four months away, and Keith and Marty will come back home on Monday.

I do love the Always Learning list, and am grateful for those unschoolers who have helped other for years and years, freely and generously. I breathe and I look at what some of them write (such as Jenny, above) and I remember that the problems are small and the life-changing successes cannot be taken away from us, ever.


Shira said...

I hope the online difficulties get easier sooner, Sandra. I really hope to meet you someday at a conference.

Glenda said...

I hope the online stuff settles down quickly so that you can get some rest & puttering around done while you have the house to yourself this week. (Not that you can't when your family's at home, but it's different.)

I love that quote of Jenny's you pulled out; I had planned to make it my Facebook status (and still may) but haven't made it over to FB yet today.

Lynch Family said...

Online "snarkiness" is annoying. Folks are lucky you are at a point in your life that you can respond and moderate and offer genuine conversation. I no longer read any of those lists, I always ended up just wanting to yell "go live your life!"

Thank you for being you!