Thursday, January 05, 2012

The symposium was good; I'm tired

I'm exhausted, still, and today Joyce and Carl leave.  We've been going, going, going and having houseguests and friends still at the hotel and tomorrow will be my first day of "just us" since Christmas.

Tomorrow I'm going to the hotel to create a contract for a symposium next year.  The Daniel family intends to come back again, from England, and Joyce and Carl Fetteroll intend to return as well.   I hope when they get home and recover from their own exhaustion they still feel that way. :-)

The feedback forms were very positive, but had suggestions I hope to implement, about having more panels or roundtables.  Rather than three presentations per day I'll probably schedule four, but I still plan to have long breaks for lunch and dinner so that people don't have to rush away or rush back.

We can't guarantee beautiful weather next year; it might be colder.  We hit 60 degrees one day!  I saved it:

My plan for 2012 is December 27-30, which will be Thursday night through Sunday morning, and people can go home for New Year's.