Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wonderfully Peaceful Day

It's kinda wonderful sometimes to have a day when nothing pressing is happening, nobody's worried or anxious or in a hurry. Yesterday was that way here. Marty spent the day in his pajamas, which he hasn't done for a LONG time (but used to do once a week, on a schedule, with a "home day"). When I asked Kirby Sunday night what he had going for Monday, he said, "Watching 24." He and I watch 24 together every Monday, and last night was the grand finale (two shows together) of the fourth season.

Though other things did happen, Kirby went to paint miniatures, people came over later to play video games, someone else came to watch 24 with us, the three of us had a quiet, happy, warm day together.

Meanwhile, in England, Holly's shopping and hanging out, recovering from HesFes. There are a couple of photos at the Holly in England page, and an e-mail from her written yesterday, so that completes my report of the happenings of May 23.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Holly's in England

Holly (13, and my youngest of three) is in England and I don't have a photo yet. Here are some more trip details and her basic intinerary. The house seems empty without her.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I'm selling morning glory seeds to help gather money for Holly to have in England. I was going to put a webpage up (because I had said on the insert paper with the seeds that I would), and when I went to work on that, I thought I should also do a page on tumbleweeds and one on goatheads. Then I thought I should include the Egyptian onions that are multiplying like crazy in my yard.

Well... I ended up working a long time on the tumbleweed page and I really like it. I'm going to follow the growth of two particular tumbleweeds in my yard as long as I can stand to. Maybe by the time I want them gone or they're too close to my baby trees, there will be a good looking one of about the same age and size in the vacant lot behind the house.