Sunday, May 15, 2005

Holly's in England

Holly (13, and my youngest of three) is in England and I don't have a photo yet. Here are some more trip details and her basic intinerary. The house seems empty without her.


Michael Peach said...


Saw your dd at HESFES. She looked to be having a great time..... As we all did.

It was wet, wet, wet and muddy, just the way we Brits like it.

I posted some pics at if you are interested.

We are coming to Florida for three months at tyhe end of june if there is anybody out there who wants to meet up.

Me and her and the two kids

Louise said...

Hi Sandra, am so glad you have a blog.
I am Mother of Aimay-11 1/2 (aka Rainbow) and Daisy-9 (aka Roxy) who met and hung out with Holly and Jazz at HESFES. They really liked them both and were excited to meet someone famous from America!!! Hope one year you might make it to HESFES though it is a long way. xxxx