Saturday, April 18, 2015

The old screwdriver my dad gave me

I just tightened the door to Marty's old bedroom (my current workroom) with a screwdriver my dad gave me. My dad died in the 1970's, but the wooden-handled screwdriver with a flathead and a phillip's has always been in the drawer nearest my sewing machine (wherever and whichever drawer that was, over the years) ever since he gave it to me. It was already old when I got it. I use it all the time.

I've never thought to look for markings on it, but now that I was photographing it, I see that the double-bit part (the interchangeable rod) says FELO. I looked it up. It's from Germany.

I had often admired the reinforcing ring on the wood, but hadn't examined the shaft.

My dad was a motor-pool mechanic, after the war, in Germany. He might have brought it back with him. I'm glad I have it.

The ring has a diamond (wider than high) with a U in it.