Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scattered family

This might be as scattered as our family has ever been. Keith and I are both in Albuquerque, he's at work and I'm home.

Kirby is in Austin.
Marty is in Puerto Rico on his honeymoon with Ashlee.
Holly is in India, asleep for the first night at her host family's house.

In Spring, Kirby is planning to move back to Albuquerque.
Tomorrow, Marty and Ashlee get back and I'm picking them up at the airport.
Holly is planning to move to Socorro, maybe, sometime after she returns in January.

It's like a breath out and a breath in.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Grandpa Favio"

Before Marty's wedding, Holly French braided my hair, and Keith-her-dad's.

Keith took his hair down this morning, and wanted to show Holly before he put it up or braided it his own utilitarian way. Holly said he looked like Grandpa Favio. Keith had no idea what we meant, but some viewers might.

Keith figures it makes him look crazy. I like it. Some of his hair is still blond, when it's fluffed out in the light. :-) He had long hair when I met him, and has only very occasionally had it short, and it's right back to waist-long.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Marty is married!

I'm backdating this, for the record. November 20, Marty married Ashlee Junker, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Valley of the Falls, at Mandalay Bay.

We weren't able to take photos of the actual ceremony—those were part of the package, and extras will be for sale at some point. But there are some great photos of them at the reception, and later. I will very likely fill in more here, as other photos come along.

Listening to Brett Henry's toast
Dancing to "Under the Sea"

The photo at the Bellagio fountain is by Holly Dodd.
The mechanical bull and the wookie are by Jennifer Molinar.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Holly's 23rd Birthday

Holly was only home briefly, and out for the three days around her birthday on November 2. Marty and Ashlee came over, Holly opened gifts, cut her cake and went to her next fun gathering.

Holly said "chocolate cake with fruit. I cooked it in a Bundt pan and filled the hole with blueberry pie filling. There was a crack in the cake so I filled it with candles.