Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Drive-through neighborhood

I wish I posted here more! I post every day at Just Add Light and Stir, but it's rarely personal.

For years I have talked about getting someone to help me make a video tour of my neighborhood, and the huge number of drive-throughs. I'm going to leave this here for a couple of reasons. Some of the places have closed, and I don't want to lose the idea of sharing it.

These comments were mine, on a post on my own facebook page, and I'll link that.

Sandra Dodd, February 2017
I live in and amongst more drive-throughs than I could have made up. There is a drive-through title-loan place (that used to be a one-hour photo booth). Drive-through drop-off-thrift-store donations. Drive-through dry-cleaners. And all the expected ATMs (though more than most neighborhoods) and fast-food. Within 1/4 mile.
Sandra Dodd
And former drive-through liquor, bricked-up drive through frozen yogurt (now Fed-Ex/Kinko's), gone-but-remembered drive-up video-return. Drive-through credit union. Our nearest Lota Burger (Chelwood and Menaul) is a drive-through, though when they were first building that, Keith said it was crazy to have a drive-through Lota Burger, because they weren't that fast. Sure enough, the first time we tried it, they told us to pull up and park and wait. 🙂

I had written I'm at a Blake's Lotaburger that does not have a drive-through. I did not know there was such a thing anymore, not counting the little picnic ones. (Click it if you have any idea what that's about. 🙂)

Just this week (August 2022) I saw that the Lotaburger I was writing about on facebook, five years ago, is boarded up. The Covid lock-downs were not kind to places without a drive-through option.