Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When a BB hits a window....

AHA!  I looked for this video, and found it in an old folder of photos, but I thought I had put it online.  I had, but on The Lyrics Game, on the word "brake/break."  I was recycling old words, and found it. (I'm glad I looked rather than just marking it "draft" where it might never be seen again!)  The note was written in August 2008.

This is from my birthday in 2007.  Most of us were upstairs playing Encore.  Marty was outside seeing if a BB (from an old Daisy BB rifle recently inherited from his uncle) would dent the steel on the tailgate of our old Dodge truck.  It wouldn't.  But he discovered that if he missed the tailgate, it would do a slow-motion job on the back windshield.  The camera was handy.   I didn't know about it until very late that night.  Marty paid for the replacement.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A cool graph

Yesterday afternoon I looked at my site stats.  I don't usually look, but I usually get between 1000 and 2000 site views at SandraDodd.com.

I like that it was pointy and then round.  That's all.  And that it never went below or above the 1000-2000 range.

I looked again just now to see what happened next.  Yesterday, October 23, ended up going to 1636, so that messed up the design, but it was pretty there for a while yesterday.

Just Add Light and Stir gets about 500 visits a day, not counting what goes out by e-mail.   That's nice, but the graph there is straight-line-ish, and not as artsy.  :-)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gina's little ponies

 When Gina was little, she had a world of ponies in her room, with a queen, and a culture and history and relationships.  She moved, and lined them all up in a new way.  Holly and I visited yesterday.

All these can be viewed in more detail with a click.


So we ate in Española...

Holly and I went to visit Gina (my sister's daughter, the oldest of the six of this set of close-in-age cousins who fold in this way: Gina, Elijah, Kirby, Joshua, Marty, Holly). I'm bringing four images involving food.

We didn't go for Frito Pies.
We went to Jo-Ji's Sushi and Teppan Grill.   It was really good!
We had a good time with Sonya and Gina.

We got there just before they closed, but if you're passing through there at lunch or dinner time, consider it.  They're at the far north end of town (on the way to Taos), in front of the Lowe's, behind the Taco Bell... six grill tables and several other tables.  Really nice.  

1508-B North Riverside Dr.   505-747-4113  
(I know this because the chopsticks come in a beautifully printed paper package.)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Clouds like mountains

When I was a kid, I once saw clouds over and behind the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and it made them look as high as the Alps (like an illustration in a book I had as a child, of an Alpine village).

Yesterday there was a cloud behind the Sandias that looked like another mountain, and I remembered.

The cloud-colored roundness is cloud. Sky-matching mountain.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Images from Albuquerque to Chama (and a bit north)

Keith and I went to Chama this weekend to hear my sister perform. On the way, Keith stopped every time I wanted to take a photo, and even backtracked sometimes, and got out and scouted angles for me. We went north on I-25 to Santa Fe, on 84 up to Española, across the river, north to Abiquiu, on up through Chama, and a few miles into Colorado.

The birds on the wires are doves we could see outside of Denny's, early, near our house. It was the first morning of Balloon Fiesta. we drove out Tramway to get to I-25, and the balloons were starting to launch. The river is the Rio Chama, and the fancy dark-and-light photos are at Echo Ampitheater. The yellow trees near the river are cottonwoods. Later in the series, those on the mountainsides are aspen.

Anyone who wants to see a few hundred pictures instead of 45 can look here: http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c111/SandraDodd/Albuquerque/2011/October/