Sunday, October 16, 2005

HOME and the book's done

We're home safely with few problems, after driving straight through from St. Louis on Monday. After seven days of intense activity (counting the travel time) it was quietly and wonderfully peaceful to just be home. That's me and Holly, anyway. Keith went back to work Wednesday, as did Kirby. Marty worked a couple of half days.

This book is finished and for sale at this site:


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fifteen moonflowers, leaving town

The moonflowers aren't leaving town; we are. Soon. Driving to St. Louis (which is easier to say and remember than "Driving to a place in Illinois that's basically in St. Louis").

Fifteen moonflowers, which is very exciting, and now we'll miss them for seven or eight nights. Friends of ours will see them, though; part of the benefit of housesitting. (Small but unusual benefit.) And barring any freak early-October freeze, we'll see lots of moonflowers when we come home.