Sunday, October 16, 2005

HOME and the book's done

We're home safely with few problems, after driving straight through from St. Louis on Monday. After seven days of intense activity (counting the travel time) it was quietly and wonderfully peaceful to just be home. That's me and Holly, anyway. Keith went back to work Wednesday, as did Kirby. Marty worked a couple of half days.

This book is finished and for sale at this site:



Schuyler said...

I looked through some of the pictures you have linked somewhere among your many virtual pages and wished so much that we could have been there or that we could somehow not only manage to scrape up the cash but justify the trip to Albuquerque next year. I don't know if Holly feels this way, but from the pictures HESFES looks like such a much different experience to Live and Learn. Not that difference is bad, but maybe my national identity makes conferences more what I expect than festivals.


Sandra Dodd said...

People's photos (and ours) are linked from here:
there at the bottom.

It does seem the Americans would be the hippies grubbing in the mud, doesn't it? And the Brits would be more civilized?

Carolyn said...

Congratulations on the book! And did I tell you, we'll be moving to the UK next year? I'm already in the midst of planning.