Thursday, July 14, 2016

With Erika, visiting Holly

Blue Heron Brewery in Rinconada. Those three doors face East, South and West—so not such a large room as the panorama makes it seem. It was nice to see Holly working. Right after this, other people started coming in.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Amanda's cat Simon

Yesterday we were with Holly in Taos and gave her a ride to Pilar, to her friend Amanda's house, where she had left her truck.

I went down the side of the house Amanda is renting, to photograph the wheelbarrow, and when I turned back, I saw the cat, on on a viga. I took several photos, but THIS one was one of those shots that, looked at later, seems more wonderful than I could have expected or planned. It's not cropped, it was just like this:

I like the hills showing in the lower left, and the sun through the clouds through the trees in two places above that. But at the time, I was only looking at Simon and at the end of that viga.

The cat in greater context: