Monday, November 01, 2021

No children, no young adults now.

From the point of view of a 68 year old parent, I have children.

At a squint, from a distance, the grandchildren are the only real children in our family these days.

Tomorrow, my youngest, my only daughter, will be thirty years old.

Five years ago (and three months) I wrote:

Today is the last day for me to say "My kids are all in their 20's." Kirby's the one who keeps changing these epochs, in my life. 🙂 He was the first to double digits, and first to be a teen, the first to turn 20... Tomorrow, Kirby Dodd will be thirty years old.

Keith Dodd was thirty when Kirby was born, and they both have July birthdays (as did my dad, Keith's dad, and me). When people would ask Keith how old he was, he said "Thirty and a Kirby" for several years after.

On Keith's 60th birthday a few weeks ago, he got a card from Paul Collins, who knew us pre-Kirby, that said "30 and a Kirby is getting up there!"

Kirby is getting up there, too, and living near, and living sweetly.

If Facebook still exists when you see that, and if they didn't throw my old posts away, here it is, with some sweet comments.

Holly more often goes by Bitsy (Miss Bitsy Bamboo), among people her age. She has her own house, and her own car and truck.

I'm closer to 70 than to 65 now.