Sunday, October 23, 2011

So we ate in Española...

Holly and I went to visit Gina (my sister's daughter, the oldest of the six of this set of close-in-age cousins who fold in this way: Gina, Elijah, Kirby, Joshua, Marty, Holly). I'm bringing four images involving food.

We didn't go for Frito Pies.
We went to Jo-Ji's Sushi and Teppan Grill.   It was really good!
We had a good time with Sonya and Gina.

We got there just before they closed, but if you're passing through there at lunch or dinner time, consider it.  They're at the far north end of town (on the way to Taos), in front of the Lowe's, behind the Taco Bell... six grill tables and several other tables.  Really nice.  

1508-B North Riverside Dr.   505-747-4113  
(I know this because the chopsticks come in a beautifully printed paper package.)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra,
I'm an unschooling mom, who's gained great inspiration and insights from you! Just want to say thank you and ask if I could include a link to you on my new website of gentle children's stories.
(you can contact me here: sunmaiden at

Thanks for being you, and thanks for putting so much important information out there for us all to learn from! My children thank you too, but don't even know it:)

Best Wishes,