Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When a BB hits a window....

AHA!  I looked for this video, and found it in an old folder of photos, but I thought I had put it online.  I had, but on The Lyrics Game, on the word "brake/break."  I was recycling old words, and found it. (I'm glad I looked rather than just marking it "draft" where it might never be seen again!)  The note was written in August 2008.

This is from my birthday in 2007.  Most of us were upstairs playing Encore.  Marty was outside seeing if a BB (from an old Daisy BB rifle recently inherited from his uncle) would dent the steel on the tailgate of our old Dodge truck.  It wouldn't.  But he discovered that if he missed the tailgate, it would do a slow-motion job on the back windshield.  The camera was handy.   I didn't know about it until very late that night.  Marty paid for the replacement.

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